Family & Friends

Family & Friends is our first long length skate project where you can find Mika Germond becoming part of the RAVE’s team, Olivier « Boucle » Durou popping HD/ DV pills, PJ Chapuis finally releasing a part, Léo Cholet and his switch game, a cultural trip in Lisboa with the Raaskal crew, a tour in Lyon to visit the few riders we have there and to bring back one of their famous rainbow, a Vittoria/ Barcelona part cause we were running out of money to go else where, a Bordeaux part to remind you we do not only power slide all day and a tracklist produced by our Family and Friends.


Here most of the F&F skate spot map

 Leftoverz "Family & Friends" by Luc Mazières


Léo Cholet "Family & Friends" part for Free skate mag


Olivier Durou "Family & Friends" part for TransWorld SKATE boarding + itw


PJ Chapuis "Family & Friends" part for Grey skate mag + itw


Mika Germond "Family & Friends" welcoming part for Solo skateboard magazine + itw