rave x Padmore & Barnes

Irish birth rate policy holds within two things : Guinness and St-Patrick’s day.

Padmore is a brand founded in 1934, they’re operating from Kilkenny in Ireland.

The history of the brand is linked to Clarks. From 1964 to 1987 P&B is owned by C&J Clarks. It’s during this time the Wallabees are developed in the Kilkenny factory. It’s now more than 30 years that P&B continue to make the original Wallabees, saving the shape and the handmade process of these times.

Tommy is a young Killkenny’s local fan of Padmore & Barnes; he even named his Irish wolfhound Barnes after the brand’s name. Get a glimpse of Tommy’s life and the tricks he taught to his dog through this link.

Written and directed by Marc Thomas
Production: SOLAB Pictures