RAVE Therapy is a music EP composed of an eponymous track recorded by Nicolas Malinowsky and Clara Cappagli (Agar Agar). The inspiration behind all this finds root at the crossroads of introspection, sophrology and meditation. The second track of the EP is a modular version offered by Paul Allard, tweaked up by Nicolas in a slow jungle type of way, boosting progressively your inner excitation until you reach a critical dancefloor fomo.

For the video clip, we decided to team up with Wory (@withworldone) for 3D playstation looking modeling, allowing us to integrate Nicolas and Clara as two GTA San Andreas characters. PJ Chapuis handled the editing part.

Throughout the fictional RAVE records label, we teamed up with Champion to release the non-fictional merch of the EP. Joggpants, t-shirts and hoodies are all Reverse Weave, 100% OG Champion goods and are all printed and embroidered in Biarritz, south of France.

Shop collection here.

Keep an ear open for some upcoming RAVE Records production, there might be other goodies sooner than you think.